Monogram, label and stamp: Clues to the fate of a rare book

Many rare books have had a long and exciting journey on their way to a safe haven in a library. These works have for example seen continuous change in ownership and travelled through many countries over the centuries. The fate of these ‘travelling books’ has often been documented: thus handwritten notes, stamps and labels have assumed the role of storyteller, in many cases leaving unsolved mysteries in their wake.

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L.galvani Teaser

The terror of frogs and the birth of the novel Frankenstein

Many thousands of frogs fell victim to Luigi Galvani’s scientific curiosity, and all because the anatomist observed how the leg of a dissected frog began to twitch as if from nowhere. This occurrence took place in Bologna in 1780 and led to one of the most important discourses in scientific history – and to the birth of the novel Frankenstein.

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Zürich, Sprengung Kamin Eth Hönggerberg

The end of a notorious polluter

Thirty years ago, on 28 January 1988, the tower chimney built in 1964/65 for the heating centre of ETH Zurich at Hönggerberg was blown up in a spectacular operation. Previously, a strong eccentricity had been measured in the 80-metre high concrete chimney and visible damage had been detected, which led to the decision to demolish. The new, lower chimney system with three steel chimneys

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[:de]tierfänger Und Tierhändler Peter Rudolf Ryhiner[:en]tierfänger Und Tierhändler Peter Rudolf Ryhiner Und Jacky Maed[:]

Ryhiner’s Python

The Swiss animal catcher Peter Ryhiner (1920-1975) had christened the blue-eyed python Serata (Sanskrit for “beauty”) and brought it from the vicinity of Kolkata to the USA and later to Switzerland. The picture was taken by a Comet photographer on the occasion of the opening of the travel agency Jacky Maeder at Sihlstrasse 38 in Zurich.

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