Of page-turning and wonder: Andy Warhol and the American magazine LIFE

There probably is nothing more mundane than idly flicking through a magazine on a Sunday afternoon. More often than not, fresh, grinning faces beam back at the reader as colourful page upon colourful page invites you to keep reading. That’s how it is today – and how it has been for ages.

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14 02 21 Etheritage Hermann Burger

Ermordung eines Privatdozenten – Zum 25. Todestag von Hermann Burger (1942-1989)

Wolfram Schöllkopf, Privatdozent für Glaziologie und deutsche Literatur an der Eidgenössischen Technischen Universität, flieht aus der Sitzung der Freifächerfakultät, der Abteilung 13 für Geistes- und Militärwissenschaften.

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San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

How much Switzerland is there in San Francisco? – structural engineer O. H. Ammann and the Golden Gate Bridge

It is a well known story that Swiss-born Johann August Sutter founded a colony by the name of New Helvetia in California in the mid-19th century. It is less well known that another Swiss citizen was essential to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s famous landmark that celebrated its 75th birthday in 2012.

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