Triangulations Theodolit, Universalinstrument Von Hildebrand Fre

3D Collection – a Universal Instrument for Land Surveying

Like the T2 universal theodolite and the travel theodolite, this triangulation theodolite also originated from the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry. According to the order book, the Institute – which was still called the Geodetic Institute at the time – purchased it for 1725 in 1902. It is … Read more

Heinrich Wild, Theodolit T2, Gerätenummer 353

3D Collection – Wild Heerbrugg’s First Theodolite

This theodolite, called the WILD T2 universal theodolite, was purchased by ETH in 1923. This was also the year in which the Geodetic Institute was officially mentioned for the first time; this happened during the summer semester. However, geodesy and topography had already been taught … Read more