Kern Theodolit, Theodolit, Absteckungs Theodolit

3D Collection – the Surveying Theodolite from Lötschberg Tunnel

The internal surveying of a tunnel is carried out using a surveying theodolite. This theodolite, which is now available as a 3D model, was used for surveying the Lötschberg tunnel.  The triangulation of Lötschberg tunnel was carried out between 25 August and 8 September 1906 … Read more

Mit Kerze Betriebene Zielmarke, Die Beim Simplon Bau Im Einsatz

3D Collection – a Target Marker for the Construction of the Simplon Tunnel

This target marker was added to the collection of scientific instruments and teaching aids together with around 320 other surveying instruments from the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry. It was used for surveying work during the construction of the Simplon Tunnel. The Simplon Tunnel The … Read more

Orthogonalplanimeter Von Kaspar Wetli (1822 1889), Gefertigt Von

3D Collection – Measuring Areas using the Orthogonal Planimeter

«Probably never before have so many surface areas of flat figures needed to be calculated, while we are occupied with the most detailed land surveys and the most significant road constructions.» Carl Maximilian von Bauernfeind: Die Planimeter von Ernst, Wetli und Hansen, welche den Flächeninhalt … Read more

Reise Theodolit, Universalinstrument Von Billwiller Kradolfer

3D Collection – a Theodolite To Go

A theodolite is used to measure angles, for example in engineering, architecture or surveying. This theodolite is a travel theodolite dating from 1899. Due to its small size and low weight, it was well suited for use on excursions. ETH acquired this theodolite in 1899. … Read more

Vermessungskompass, Kompass, Diopterische Prismenbussole

3D Collection – a Zurich Surveying Compass

This surveying compass, also known as a dioptric prismatic compass, was added to the collection of scientific instruments and teaching aids in 2020 together with around 320 surveying instruments from the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry.  Dioptric prismatic compass The dioptric prismatic compass is a special version … Read more