Kern Theodolit, Theodolit, Absteckungs Theodolit

3D Collection – the Surveying Theodolite from Lötschberg Tunnel

The internal surveying of a tunnel is carried out using a surveying theodolite. This theodolite, which is now available as a 3D model, was used for surveying the Lötschberg tunnel.  The triangulation of Lötschberg tunnel was carried out between 25 August and 8 September 1906 … Read more


3D Collection – a Tellurion for School

This tellurion is part of the Observatory Collection. It was created by Rudolf Wolf (1816-1893). He was a professor of astronomy, head of Semper Observatory, director of the library of the Polytechnic (today ETH) and collector of astronomical instruments. The collection was continued by his successors Alfred … Read more

Astronomisches Taschenbesteck

3D Collection – Astronomical Cutlery from the 16th Century

This “astronomical pocket cutlery” dates from the 16th century. It was made by Johannes Krabbe in 1583 and is thus one of the oldest objects in our collection. Sundial or astronomical (pocket) cutlery? The object belongs to the Observatory Collection, which was created by Rudolf … Read more

Triangulations Theodolit, Universalinstrument Von Hildebrand Fre

3D Collection – a Universal Instrument for Land Surveying

Like the T2 universal theodolite and the travel theodolite, this triangulation theodolite also originated from the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry. According to the order book, the Institute – which was still called the Geodetic Institute at the time – purchased it for 1725 in 1902. It is … Read more


3D Collection – a Renaissance Wooden Sundial

Very little is known about this Renaissance wooden sundial. Based on an inscription on the floor inside the cube, we know that it was painted, or at most also made, by painter Jakob Hofmann from Schwäbisch Hall in 1597. This Renaissance painter was born in … Read more

Mit Kerze Betriebene Zielmarke, Die Beim Simplon Bau Im Einsatz

3D Collection – a Target Marker for the Construction of the Simplon Tunnel

This target marker was added to the collection of scientific instruments and teaching aids together with around 320 other surveying instruments from the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry. It was used for surveying work during the construction of the Simplon Tunnel. The Simplon Tunnel The … Read more

Vielflächenuhr In Form Eines Würfels Mit Messinggnomonen

3D Collection – a Cube Sundial from the 18th Century

This cube-shaped sundial comes from Rudolf Wolf‘s collection. According to his inventory dating from 1873, this sundial was one which he purchased. Sundials were a focal point of Wolf’s collection and he seemed interested in collecting and comparing as many models from various eras as … Read more

Tiermodell, Modell Eines Männlichen Rindes

3D Collection – a Breeding Bull by Max Landsberg

This animal model is one of a total of seven that the collection of scientific instruments and teaching aids managed to acquire from the former Institute for Animal Breeding. Models in teaching & research  Animal sculptures like these were used for teaching purposes in agricultural … Read more

Astronomischer Universalsonnenring

3D Collection – a Universal Sun Ring for Telling the Time

This universal sun ring comes from the former collection of Rudolf Wolf (1816-1893). Wolf’s inventory dating from 1873 does not state clearly whether the universal sun ring was incorporated into the Wolf collection as a purchase or a donation. An improvement of the hanging sundial … Read more

Hs304 916 Ausschnitt

Oppenheimer on his first encounters with Einstein

In Christopher Nolan’s film Oppenheimer about the “father of the atomic bomb,” the figure of Albert Einstein plays an important supporting role. Several times and at crucial points in the film, J. Robert Oppenheimer seeks the advice of and exchanges ideas with Albert Einstein. Only about the first encounter between the two the film tells nothing.

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