1939 Grüne Kundgebung Feat

Freethinker dismissed – Hans Bernoulli on his 140th birthday

A nasty Christmas surprise lurked in the letter box of Hans Bernoulli, an adjunct professor of urban design at ETH Zurich, on 24 December 1938. The President of the Swiss School Board had written to inform him that his lectureship was to end with the conclusion of the winter

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13 01 18 Etheritage Erdoel Iran

In search of black gold – Swiss petroleum geologists and the nationalisation of crude oil in Iran

After the Second World War, in the early days of the Cold War, Iran gradually began to break away from the geopolitical power games and economic greed of the major powers, which had especially set their sights on Iranian crude oil. At the end of 1949, the Iranian government founded Iran Oil Co. (Sherkat Sahami Naft Iran), an autonomous state-owned company.

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11 09 09 Etheritage Rheinhafen

The Rhine ports of Basel around 1920

Approximately 10 per cent of Switzerland’s total volume of foreign trade is currently transacted through the three Rhine ports in the city and region of Basel. Around 30 to 40 percent of mineral oil reaches Switzerland via the Rhine ports (Wikipedia, 2011). The maps,

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