3D Collection – a Folding Sundial made of Ivory

  3D digitalisation at ETH library A project in which 20 selected objects were 3D digitalised using photogrammetry was launched by the collection of scientific instruments and teaching aids at ETH library in 2022. The images were captured using photogrammetry by Thomas Erdin from ikonaut in … Read more

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Assertio 123 – Galileo Galilei recants

When the title of a book is ‘Anticopernicus catholicus’, it is not necessary to explain that its author Giorgio Polacco pits himself against the heliocentric world view and it is likewise clear that the arguments of the Roman Catholic church must be anticipated. That his own condemnation and adjuration – printed in full – also had to be used as an argument would not have pleased Galileo Galilei at all.

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Mondgestein Ausstellung In Der Eth

A piece of the moon in Zurich – the lunar rock exhibition at ETH Zurich in 1970

„Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed.“

With these words uttered by Neil Armstrong during the first moon landing on 20 June 1969, America pipped the Soviet Union to the post in the race to the moon at the height of the Cold War (Jaumann 2009, 36). The years that followed until the last moon landing in December 1972 were

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12 12 21 Etheritage Charles F Blunt

Charles F. Blunt: The beauty of the heavens: a pictorial display of the astronomical phenomena of the universe: one hundred and four coloured scenes illustrating a familiar lecture on astronomy (London, 1842)

To illustrate the science of astronomy, Charles F. Blunt has created 104 coloured panels entitled The beauty of the heavens. Together with the explanatory text, they are intended as instruction for the whole family:

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09 05 08 Etheritage Galilei

Galileo Galilei: Dialogo […] dove ne i congressi di quattro giornate si discorre sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo telemaico e copernicano (Florenz, 1632)

Seiner Bedeutung für die Geschichte der Astronomie gemäss ist Galileis Dialogo gleich vierfach in der Sammlung Alte Drucke vorhanden: Die Erstausgabe von 1632, gedruckt von Giovanni Battista Landini in Florenz, eine mit anderen Werken zusammengebundene Ausgabe gedruckt von David Hautt in Strassburg (1635) und zwei von Jean Antoine Huguetan in Lyon gedruckte Ausgaben (1641).

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