Schifffahrtlinien Atlantik

World traffic: Transport opportunities around 1900

Holiday time is travel time. And the eternal question arises: Where shall we go? Today’s possibilities are countless and, depending on the destination and means of travel, don’t even need to cost that much. As early as 1900, Europeans had, as a result of technological advances, a wide choice of travel destinations to which they could head by ship or train.

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12 04 27 Etheritage Kartografie

Milestones of Swiss cartography

The history of Swiss cartography begins with a chart of the country, still classed as a mediaeval “mappa mundi”, with Rigi as the centre point. It was published in 1479 in Albrecht von Bonstetten’s first geographic description of Switzerland, Superioris Germaniae confederationis descriptio.

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11 09 09 Etheritage Rheinhafen

The Rhine ports of Basel around 1920

Approximately 10 per cent of Switzerland’s total volume of foreign trade is currently transacted through the three Rhine ports in the city and region of Basel. Around 30 to 40 percent of mineral oil reaches Switzerland via the Rhine ports (Wikipedia, 2011). The maps,

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08 11 21 Etheritage Dufourkarte

Guillaume Henri Dufour: topographical map of Switzerland 1:100 000. page 8, Aarau, Lucerne, Zug, Zurich. (Printed in 1926)

The Dufour Map (surveyed and published at the behest of the Swiss Federal authorities, recorded under the supervision of General G.H. Dufour, first edition 1845–1865, updated until 1939) documents the settlement and landscape development of modern Switzerland in the

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