Open data in ETH Library’s Image Archive

ETH Library’s Image Archive is opening its image database! 250,000 digitised images are now available for free download.

Comet Photo AG: Zurich, Schwamendingen, general views, 1980. CC BY-SA 4.0 (Com_F60-00088-0028)

Braun, Adolphe (1812-1877): Morteratsch Glacier, 1867. Public Domain Mark (Hs_1458-GK-B094-1867-01)

Heim, Arnold (1882-1965): Dunes on Santa Margarita, Island, 13.06.1915. CC BY-SA 4.0 (Slide_015-050)

Comet Photo AG: Young people in the cellar, around 1965. CC BY-SA 4.0 (Com_C15-035-002)

They are available in several resolutions on ETH E-Pics Image Archive Online: from web resolution to high-resolution JPG and TIFF.

Each of the roughly 100,000 images where the copyright has run out have been given a Public Domain Mark and can be used freely for academic, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes.

For another 150,000 images, ETH Library holds the usage rights.  Provided the correct source is cited, the corresponding digital copies may be used freely for academic, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes and passed on under the same conditions in the event of changes. The images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

A comparatively small group of 50,000 additional images are subject to restricted usage rights. Although these images may not be downloaded freely, they can be ordered free of charge. Exclusively usage within the scope of the legally permissible personal use is allowed. For commercial forms of use, the written consent of the copyright holder is required.

In order to search for licence types, a new filter “Licence” is available on the image database.

With the change to the terms of use, ETH Library is clearly positioning itself in favour of open data. The aim of open data is – in accordance with the legal parameters – to render data holdings from administration and public institutions freely accessible without restriction in the interest of general public. ETH Library now belongs to the growing circle of Swiss and international cultural and educational institutions that have opted for the open data route to ensure access to their digitised holdings is as open as possible.

Further information is also available at ETH E-Pics Image Archive Online.

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