Charles F. Blunt: The beauty of the heavens: a pictorial display of the astronomical phenomena of the universe: one hundred and four coloured scenes illustrating a familiar lecture on astronomy (London, 1842)

To illustrate the science of astronomy, Charles F. Blunt has created 104 coloured panels entitled The beauty of the heavens. Together with the explanatory text, they are intended as instruction for the whole family:

“With its aid a family need not henceforth quit their own parlour, or drawing-room fireside, to enjoy the sublime “beauty of the heavens;” but, within their domestic circle, may, without any previous acquirements in Astronomy, become their own instructors in knowledge of its great and leading truths and phenomena (v).”

Unfortunately, there is very little information about the author of this visually appealing work. The beauty of the heavens is online via



Plate I – The fixed Stars

Plate II – The Earth: its Form, and Position in Space

Plate XI – The Planet Saturn

Plate XIII – The Moon at the Full

Plate L – Monoceros and Canis Minor

Plate LVIII – Eclipse of the Moon

Plate LXII – An Annular Eclipse of the Sun

Plate LXXVI – The Moon’s Surface: Tycho

Plate LXXXIII – The Nebula of the Constellation Hercules

Plate XCIII – Atmospheric Refraction

Plate CIII – Clouds – Nimbus, or Rain-Cloud

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